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wife, in 1964, Goodloe operated the publication for 54 years
before retiring in 2019. In June 2019, Tommy and Patricia Wells
became the fourth husband/wife team to operate the historic
paper in the past 103 years.
                 The newspaper has received numerous state and
national awards for feature writing, editorial writing and ag

                  The newspaper is published each Thursday in
Marengo County, and covers the communities of Demopolis,
Linden, Dixons Mills, Sweet Water, Gallion, Thomaston,
Jefferson, Providence, Myrtlewood and Thomasville.
The Democrat-Reporter is one of the oldest
continuous business in Marengo County, dating
back to 1879 when John E. Hecker founded the
Linden Reporter. In 1911, the Reporter was
merged with the Marengo Democrat, which had
been founded in 1895 by R.M. Douglas and R.C.
Wooten. The paper has operated as the
Democrat-Reporter since that time. Only a
handful of publishers have managed the
newspaper since it began. In 1917, Robert E.
Sutton purchased the newspaper and served as
its editor-publisher for 47 years before turning it
over to his son, Howard Goodloe Sutton and his